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5 Ways to Know You’ve Found The Right Groomer

5 Ways To Know
5 Ways To Know

How to pick the right groomer for you and your dog?Finding the right groomer can be easier than you think! 

Have you ever struggled with finding the perfect groomer for you and your pet?

Maybe somtimes you think you’ve found the“right” groomer, but to your dismay, the haircut was more pleasing than thegroomer’s personality. 

Or maybe you loved the groomer, but your pet seemed not to? They came home terrified, hiding under the table for hours? Or not acting their “usual” selves after years of consistent grooming?

I’ve heard many horror stories and have actually witnessed, 1st hand, what a not so great groomer looks like. But I also know what an AMAZING GROOMER is like, including their behaviors and habits. I am all about the safety and mental well-being of ALL pets. 

Dogs are important. It’s imperative they are well taken care of, no matter where they are or under who’s care.

Well, I’m here to tell you that there are 5 ways to know that you’ve found the right groomer for you and your wonderful pet!

Heres 5 easy and simple ways that are sure to make picking your next groomer less of a challenge.

Keep Reading, there’s more….much more!

1. You Receive High-Quality Grooms

High-quality grooms are important, grooming is expensive. Out of all of the “5 ways to know that you’ve found the right groomer” it’s best to know your groomer has major skills. The nails are trimmed, the coat is shiny, and the haircut looks fresh and well done.

Standard Poodle
My Favorite Standard Poodle-Luca! 
Luca after his amazing bath, brush out, and groom!

High-quality grooms are also a sign of maturity, or a specific number of years of grooming or expertise.  However, there are many newbie groomer prodigies that can groom very well, and do a great and wonderful job—don’t let their time grooming fool ya!  

All in all, if your dog looks worse than when it came in, or hack and slashed, its probably time to try someone or somewhere else.

Groomers have off days too….

Occasionally your groomer may be going through a tough time. Which includes but is not limited to family issues, a recent death, break up, so on and so forth. This exception to the rule honestly only applies if you have known the groomer for years and they just seem to be out of character for a particular appointment.   

However, if you find out, and/or suspect that it could be substance abuse or anything that can put your dog in danger, I highly recommend running straight out of the door with your dog in hand! 

Not many states require a groomer’s license.

  And not many grooming locations require drug testing, definitely not consistently.  Therefore, drug use is very common. Be careful, and be sure to mindful when meeting your groomer for the first time.

Luckily, getting your dog groomed at a large big box chain, is fine too! They typically have much stricter policies and they do require drug testing. Sometimes. There are chances that it may not be the best option. But that is another post for another day.

Quick tip: if your groomer is consistent with producing quality grooms and one time the grooming wasn’t up to par, you can chalk it up to a bad day. Possibly a simple miscommunication.  

2. Customer Service Is Amazing, No Matter How Many Times You’ve Visited

Customer service in any industry is extremely important.  It not only reflects well on the groomer, but also the quality of work and passion for their craft. When someone loves what they do, it not only shows through their work, but also in their face and overall body language.

How welcomed do you and your pooch feel when you’ve arrived to your groomer’s shop?

Do you feel rushed, as if you’ve irritated the groomer?

When you notice something is wrong with your dog’s haircut, can your groomer handle the criticism well? Or are they short tempered?

You should feel welcomed and at home when you come into your groom shop. As long as you are respectful and nice as well to your groomer, remember the GOLDEN RULE.

My favorite girl Maggie!!
My favorite girl Maggie!!

A great groomer always values the importance of their clients. You should simply because they love what they do. At our salon, Pawsome Pets in Dallas, we value each and every client that walks through the door.

3. Your Family/Friends /Entire Neighborhood has recommended you to your groomer with a great reputation

Of all of the 5 ways to know you’ve found the right groomer, word of mouth seems to be the most popular and favorite of a good majority of my clients.

Have you heard wonderful, amazing things about a particular groomer in your area, from either neighbors or business friends?

It’s been said that a person will spread a bad experience to more friends and family than a good experience, therefore, if you’re hearing great things—more than likely that experience was exceptional!

Generally, your social circle has similar tastes and expectations as your own, trusting someone close to you is the best way to go.  Especially if you require a certain level of ability, competence, and professionalism.

4. Your Groomer is Great at Communication and provides a spot on hair cut!

Communication is key, when it comes to being an exemplary groomer.  

The only way to receive the haircut you desire is if your groomer is clarifying and understanding in major detail the haircut and look you desire. In addition to the haircut, you also want to know whether or not your groomer is going to trim your dog’s nails, brush their teeth, and even know what your total bill will be, so you aren’t hit with any surprises.

By any means, if you feel this is always an issue where you take your dog, you may not have found the right groomer yet.

  • They admit when they did something wrong.

5. The final and 5th way to know that you’ve found the right groomer is whether or not they admit their mistakes.

People make mistakes, even groomers. But the best part is if they admitted their faults. If they did, they are letting you know that they are trustworthy.  Trust is the most important part of it all. It allows you to know that no matter what happens you can depend on your groomer to tell you the truth regarding your dog.

However, if your groomer shaved your dog without your permission, cut your dog and never told you, charged you extra and didn’t call to let you know of the mistake, and so on and so forth, its best to look for a more trustworthy groomer.

All in All……

I hope these 5 ways to know that you’ve found the right groomer have helped you to understand whether or not your groomer is the RIGHT groomer. Getting your furbaby groomed is serious business, and they’re overall health includes whether or not they have a great relationship with their groomer.

 If your energy is good energy when dropping them off for their spa day, they will feel much happier when seeing their groomer friend and feel confident on their way out of the door looking cute as ever!

Keep Refining! It looks GOOD on you!