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6 Ways to not get ripped off by a breeder

I see a dog that was meant to be a specific breed…….but it looks nothing and acts nothing like the breed the pet parent was going for because they were ripped off by a breeder.


I consistently run into clients that ask me what breed their dog could possibly be……..because it’s not the breed they purchased. 

I have a client who bought a Maltipoo (Maltese x Poodle), but he’s the size and looks identical to a full-grown Goldendoodle……but he’s only 5 months old!

Photo by Wai Siew on Unsplash

I have seen it all!

And it never ceases to amaze me how easy it is for unsuspecting pet parents to have the wool pulled over their eyes.  And what worse is most of the time my clients have paid top dollar for their specific breed of dog. 

I’m really annoyed with seeing pet parents get ripped off. Once the dog has been purchased for the family, they’re attached.  There’s no taking the dog back to the breeder. So it’s even easier for a breeder to get away with completely getting away with ripping off a pet parent. 

Until now. 

I have so many ways that you can purchase responsibly and get the dog you want and pay for. It’ll save you a ton of headache, heartache, and anger because you were lied to.

There are so many reasons as to why people purchase a particular breed of dog.  And as long as it’s done responsibly, it will not only help people from getting ripped off, but it will completely remedy shady breeders.  Along with backyard breeders and scam artists.  

Additionally, this will help lower the copious amounts of ridiculous breeders, quickly breeding for a quick dollar.  

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Honestly, I feel there should be tighter legislation on who can and can’t breed dogs.  There should be a series of steps set in place to provide ethical breeding practices around the country.  

But that’s a story for another post. 

For now, I can provide you with the knowledge to help you pick the right breeder that will give you the best-bred dog.  That way you won’t have to ask me what breed of dog it is that you purchased or feel completely lied to and ripped off! 

So, here’s 6 Ways to Not Get Ripped Off By a Breeder!

NeON BRAND unspalsh

#1 Don’t be an easy target! Do your Research! 

The number one, best thing to do is to research everything about the dog you want. Know the size, weight, color, height, everything you could possibly need to know in order to see your dog breed and know if something is a little off.  I always recommend that clients go to a dog show for their particular breed to see what they should look like.  

It also helps to research accredited sites.  Which is why I highly recommend researching through the AKC website as well. They go in-depth with the breed and can even let you know what breeders are in your area that will provide a very sound version of the dog you’re looking for.  Unless it’s a designer dog,…..then you’ll have to research more in-depth. 

#2 Look at Google and Pinterest for photos of what your future dog will look like as a puppy and an adult. 

This is the best thing you can do outside of seeing your dog in person.  Pinterest and Google are your friend and can keep you from purchasing the wrong breed of dog.  The AKC website is really great too! They have weight, temperament, and color as well. Not only that but AKC can connect you to reputable breeders that are a part of their membership network.  

#3 Network–Get Breeder Recommendations from people who already have the breed of dog you want. 

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Recommendations from pet experts or friends who have the type of dog you want are usually the best way to go.  Pet experts like dog groomers, trainers, or pet sitters usually already have connections with breeders, breeders that won’t rip you off.

Honestly, I recommend breeders to my best clients all of the time.  I get the opportunity to interact with really awesome dogs every day. I can tell if a dog was bred well or poorly based on their behavior, health, coat type, and conformation (their build). 

If a dog is aggressive or skittish and it doesn’t align with their breed type, I know the dog wasn’t bred well. Especially if they have cherry eyes, constant ear infections, birth defects, or tons of health problems not common with the breed, I can tell how selective the breeder is.  

#4 Get A Good Look at the Parents!

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The puppies actual dog parents.  If they don’t let you see the puppies actual birth doggie mother and daddy or they send you photos (especially grainy in 2019). DON’T BUY THE DOG! They’re hiding something. That’s the easiest way to get ripped off by a breeder.   If they can’t show you in person, or have a live webcam feed, or a solid, current video….then something is up. 

#5 Don’t be Cheap. 

If you don’t want to spend much money….then I would recommend going to a rescue group and rescuing a pure breed because they’re much cheaper.  Otherwise, usually, if you go cheap when it comes to purchasing a purebred, you’ll more than likely wind up with a back yard breeder……and that helps no one.

The bad thing about purchasing a super cheap dog means that not a lot went into testing their DNA-genetic make up to lessen disease, they weren’t properly vaccinated, the mom didn’t receive prenatal care, and they’re just trying to pay bills.  Which usually leads to overbreeding and a poor choice of a purebred dog.  

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In comparison, if you purchase a used car from a reputable dealership, it goes through more inspections and checks. You’ll usually get new tires, oil change, and under the hood looks great.  But if you to a fly-by-night car dealership that only allows you to pay in cash, in a few months that care will be giving you a headache! It was cheap for a reason- because you bought a LEMON!

#6 DO NOT Purchase Your Dog From Craigslist or a Walmart Parking Lot–Or Parking Lot in GENERAL! 


Photo by Franck V. on Unsplash

Unless they are a reputable breeder with a great history and purchasing a dog was definitely part of the plan, then great! Otherwise, impulse buying leads to too many shelter dogs. And generally, these people aren’t breeders anyway. So….you will definitely get ripped off by a breeder that’s not really a breeder, just someone posing as a breeder. It’s sad. 

And there is nothing good about a breeder that can sell their dogs and must resort to selling their puppies in the parking lot near a major highway.  A reputable breeder will have a wait-list and a huge network. They won’t be out in the hot sun or extreme cold with 8-week old puppies with a weak immune system—literally putting their health and lives at risk.  I promise you that. 

In Conclusion,

Of course every once and a while you have those crazy situations where there was a different dad in the litter (a litter can have up to 3 different dads), one dog was born much larger than the others.  And sometimes genes can get wonky. I have seen a golden doodle look like a regular golden retriever with curly hair just on the haunches. 

But…..consistency is key.  All I ask is if you buy a dog-PLEASE BUY RESPONSIBLY. 


This will help lower the amount–or get rid of altogether-backyard breeders, puppy mills, and overbred dogs. That means fewer dogs in the shelter and fewer people selling dogs just to catch up on bills and quickly pay their car note.  

Rather you’ll have puppies being bred with great quality, getting genetic testing, and they’ll be able to live a happy, healthy life by being bred well. And you won’t be ripped off by a breeder with bad intentions.

If you’re wondering what you need to know once you do purchase from a reputable breeder, you can check out my blog post on mistakes to avoid when getting a puppy!

I hope this blog post provides value in your life. 


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