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7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Let Your Goldendoodle Get Matted


It’s no secret that Goldendoodles get matted incredibly fast! Without question. But did you know that matting is really bad for your Goldendoodle? 

Lately, the grooming industry as a whole, including our Salon, Pawsome Pets, is seeing a huge number of matted Goldendoodles.  And what’s even more terrifying is most Goldendoodle parents feel it’s normal.

Allowing a Goldendoodle to get matted is NOT OKAY.

It may seem like not brushing your dog and allowing them to get matted is something that just comes with having a golden doodle.  But that’s actually not the case. It’s not great and it’s definitely not fair to your dog.  It’s not okay to let your Goldendoodle to get matted. Goldendoodles are popular not just because of their hair that makes them adorable, but also their personality. They are happy, goofy, funny, great family dogs, get along with others, and they are just overall super sweet. 

That’s why it really breaks my heart as not only a dog groomer, but a dog lover to see the condition they end up in, due to neglect of their coat. 

Not brushing a Goldendoodle’s coat leads to a world of problems. But before I get to the 7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Let Your Goldendoodle Get Matted………………… Let me paint this picture for you!


Imagine you’re a woman with really thick, curly hair, and you go a full month without brushing and combing your hair.  But you do wash it from time to time, roll around on your bed, outside in the grass, and your friends and family pet your hair as they greet you.  

Then you go to the hair salon and your hair is completely knotted up, it’s smelly, it’s uncomfortable, it’s itchy, and you may have some bugs living in there too. 

So you tell your stylist, “I know my hair is completely knotted, tangled, and I haven’t brushed it in over a month, maybe even 2 or 3 months, AT ALL, but PLEASE SAVE my hair and DON’T chop it off.  Oh, and I would like for you to have this detangling task completed within 3 or 4 hours PLEASE”.  


The stylist begins to rip through your knotted, gross, smelly hair.  All while your hair is matted to the skin! The pulling hurts because your hair has been so tight for so long, that your skin is already in pain from the matting being so tight on the skin.  Along with that, your stylist is trying to achieve your desired look, but it’s impossible because you start lashing and biting in pain from the brushes, combs, and guard combs getting stuck in your tangled mess of hair. 

Once the hairstylist decides to simply shave you bald because it’s impossible to get through the hair without causing injury, they realize there is a HUGE MESS UNDERNEATH. 

THE SKIN SMELLS like rotten milk and old ear wax mixed together.  Plus the skin is red and blotchy, with lesions and red marks from the hair-pulling so tight.   There’s dander, leaves, dirt, and grass causing the stylist eyes to itch and burn and sneeze incessantly.  And not to mention, the experience was sooooo traumatic for you.  You hate the stylist and NEVER WANT TO GO BACK! You were tortured. And now you’re bald, your head feels exposed, and all you want to do is hide from everyone.

And, after the grooming, you have to go to the Doctor to get your skin checked out because you have the red and blotchy skin, along with lesions you have to get checked out.

Now imagine a better, positive scenario!

Imagine you’re a happy HUMAN customer. Mainly because you maintain a great grooming schedule! Your hair is washed regularly, and you take extra care to BRUSH AND COMB OUT ALL OF THE KNOTS AND TANGLES. And you visit your hairstylist on the regular and you guys have a built a close relationship.

Imagine this for your dog.

My golden doodle clients that come in regularly, LOVE COMING IN! They run and jump on me! Lick me, hug me, and they jump on the table before I can even get them into the tub! They LOVE IT! And best of all I can keep them as long as the parent want, and I know that when they go home, they’re happy.  And they love the grooming experience because it’s part of their routine and a major part of their lives. 

Goldendoodle’s are a high maintenance dog when it comes to their coat, and if you want to keep them happy, keeping them brushed it also a part of their mental health, as well as their coat health.  Keeping them brushed can save you tons of groomers’ fees and vet fees in the long run! 

But if you need more convincing as to why allowing mats in your dog is BAD…………..   here are 7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Let Your Goldendoodle Get Matted

1. Causes major skin issues–bacterial infections, hot spots, dermatitis, bruising, scabbing 

I’ve attached pictures to show what I witness and it feels like I see this more often than not.  I have doodles that have skin issues simply because they aren’t being brushed at home because their skin can’t breathe.  And it’s heartbreaking.  

2. Poor Hygiene Practice and Body Odor 

Allowing your Goldendoodle to get matted can cause major body odor! Plus it’s just poor hygiene practice. Matting can occur all over the body, but I see it commonly underneath the chin, the sanitary areas (genitalia and anal region), and definitely the ears. 

Mildewing can happen in matting under the chin and the neck.  The mats lock in moisture from food, water and slobber. Creating a smell so horrible that it fills up our entire grooming salon. And causes sores as well because the skin never seems to dry out. 

Hot Spot on toe digits.

Overgrown hair in the sanitary areas can allow fecal matter and urine to get all over your furniture, even after your dog has “done the deed”. And not to forget, for female Goldendoodles, constant hair and moisture can cause UTI’s in dogs. 

Allowing the ears to stay matted constantly traps moisture in the ear canal, especially if your Goldendoodle swims a lot. This allows bacteria to harbor in the ear and breed rapidly.  Hence, your dog will get ear infections, which cause pain, discomfort, smell, and discharge. 

3. Bugs Love to Live in Matting!! Especially Fleas! 

Fleas love to live in a Goldendoodle’s coat because it’s the perfect setting for them to lay their eggs and breed repeatedly. And fleas can lay up to 50 eggs a day.  Gross! 

Matting also serves as a protective barrier for fleas and doodles can’t really get to them to scratch for relief. 

4. No Longer makes them Hypoallergenic–causes allergy issues 

One of the biggest selling points of a Goldendoodle is its ability to be hypoallergenic.  Keeping your dog bathed and brushed properly will help get rid of a lot of the outside pollen and dander that builds upon the skin and coat. Otherwise, if you have allergies, and your dog lives inside, their coat accumulates all of the dust, pollen, grass, and dander it comes in contact with.  Therefore if your dog only gets groomed every 3-4 months (which is not ideal) is now 3-4 months of you becoming allergic to your dog. 

5. Reduces Shedding 

There are many Goldendoodles that shed.  And typically this can be dramatically reduced by simply brushing them routinely. Simple, easy-peasy. 

6. Restricts movement

 Matts that are tangled tightly cause the body to become extremely restricted in its ability to move.  Similar to what it’s like when your hair is pulled up into a tight bun or if your hair is braided too tightly.  

Doodle Grooming Guide
Doodle Grooming Guide

7. Tightness and irritation cause pain and discomfort 

Tightness and irritation closely follows restricted movement, but I’m putting it in it’s own category because in many cases it causes pain and discomfort.  If the skin is being pulled tightly,due to matting, it can become incredibly irritating. This can cause your dog to chew and lick, causing pain and discomfort.  Licking can lead to lesions, hot spots, and the issue becomes continually worse until your dog finally gets groomed.  However, if your dog has developed spots that become infected, grooming won’t really help.  You then have a hefty vet bill that requires antibiotics. 

Doodle Mats
Doodle Mats

In Conclusion

Taking care of your Goldendoodle’s coat is very important. And not allowing your Goldendoodle to get matted is also a part of maintaining your doodle’s coat. It keeps your dog happy and healthy, your groom and vet cost low, and overall makes you a better pet parent!  

P.S. If you’re wondering how to learn the ins’ and out’s of your doodle’s coat, from learning how to keep them mat free, to what products to use, I’ve got you covered! Check out my Doodle Ebook HereDoodle Grooming Simplified for Pet Parents!

Goldendoodle Matted

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