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I first just want to say WELCOME!! I’m Tina, the founder, and creator of

I’m a dog-obsessed, coffee crazed, dog stylist, and dog mom. 

My two dog babies—whom you’ll see all over my blog—are Diamond and Brisbane.  They’re literally my four-legged children and I couldn’t imagine life without them.

The love they give to me continually inspires and ignites the passion behind my motivation to be a better pet parent myself, along with helping teach others how to be better pet parents too.

I’ve dedicated over 11 years of my life to the dog industry, learning, growing, developing. I realized that there was a disconnect between pet parents and groomers. For some reason, groomers had a ton of knowledge on taking care of a dog’s skin, coat, lifestyle overall. But pet parents seemed to be left in the dark. 

Hence the creation of TINATALKSDOGS. I wanted a safe space for pet parents to acquire knowledge about their pets, and not feel judged or scrutinized. And most importantly not be given WRONG information or basic knowledge that doesn’t help at all. 

As a lover of dogs, I was tired of seeing dogs with matted coats, given away because they were “too much”, or just seeing overwhelmed pet parents with nowhere to turn. 

I hope my blog helps you learn more about your dog’s skin and coat care, how to navigate the pet parent lifestyle, and how to know what products are the best to use for your dog!

Here’s are a few behind the scenes photos of me as a groomer. 

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I hope my blog helps you become a better, informed pet parent, creating an incredibly awesome life for your dog!