About Me

To be honest, I’m a coffee addicted crazy dog lady.

Seriously……. I’m literally drinking coffee as we speak, whilst being covered in dog hair.

No….I don’t have a lot of dogs (not yet anyway)…..but my life definitely revolves around dogs.

My two babies—whom you’ll see all over my blog—are Diamond and Brisbane.  They’re literally my four-legged children and I couldn’t imagine life without them.

The love they give to me continually inspires and ignites the passion behind my motivation to be a better pet parent myself, along with helping teach others how to be better pet parents too.

When I attended college I wanted to be a political science professor. I loved everything to do with politics, but my love for animals outgrew my love to argue about which political party was right.

So I gave up my desire to teach anything political, and instead focused my attention on providing value to pet parents in need.

I’ve always seen myself as a giver, and I want to share my insane amount of dog knowledge to pet parents.

I desire to give pet parents REAL answers, REAL advice, and REAL support.

I’ve noticed that many pet parents have the same questions, and there’s nowhere to go to get the answers they truly need without stumbling across extremely outdated Google answers. Or other generic pet bloggers with little experience copy and pasting the same answers.

Being a pet parent can be challenging at times because our pets can’t tell us what’s going on with their skin, coat, or mental and physical well-being.

With 9 years of dog grooming experience, coupled with continuing education through dog grooming conferences and certifications, I have REAL knowledge that can excel your doggie expertise.

I’m here for you. I’m here to help support you through this journey of being a successful pet parent.

Life is short…. but it’s especially short for our four-legged friends. So it’s best to give them the best life possible while they’re here on earth, being a wonderful part of our families.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions

Me–trying to look fabulous while my dogs stare into oblivion