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Halloween Dog Bandana

As a groomer AND a dog mom, one thing I know for sure--pet parents love for their dogs to wear bandanas!  Not just any old bandana.   It has to be a bandana that compliments your dog’s cutness and personality.  And hey! It’s Halloween season, so it has to be Halloween ... READ the POST

Dog Halloween Treat Bags

Who doesn’t love DOGS and Halloween? Put those together and you can come up with some very crafty dog Halloween treat bags that dogs will be wagging their tails for! Dogs look so cute dressed up in their cute Halloween costumes, with all of their fluff being squeezed into adorable Superman ... READ the POST

The Dangers of Grooming Your Dog at Home

And How to Do it Safely I was inspired to write this post and talk about the dangers of grooming your dog at home--after seeing quite a few dogs come into my salon, terrified of grooming. Not because of grooming experience with a professional. But rather, by their parents. Which is why I ... READ the POST

6 Ways to not get ripped off by a breeder

I see a dog that was meant to be a specific breed…….but it looks nothing and acts nothing like the breed the pet parent was going for because they were ripped off by a breeder. ALL.OF.THE.TIME. I consistently run into clients that ask me what breed their dog could possibly be……..because ... READ the POST

How to Rescue a Dog Wisely

  Understanding how to rescue a dog can be challenging if you don’t research how-to first. I have had clients who have told me that they are extremely scarred from a rescue that turned their life upside down.  And now they no longer believe in ever rescuing a dog because of their fear ... READ the POST

How To Keep Dogs Cool In Summer Heat

As a Native Texan, dealing with summer heat can BRUTAL!  If you've ever been to Texas, this is a no brainer. It’s HOT and HUMID. The air is soooo thick you can write your name in it.  The heat isn’t that big of a deal for me because I’m used to it and I cool off ... READ the POST

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