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My Top 6 Matted Dog Hair Remedies

Your dog is matted, it’s awful because you feel bad for them. They seem itchy, uncomfortable, and you know your groomer will have to shave them next time they have an appointment.   What to do?   You’ve read articles online, but they don’t seem to go in depth. You’d ask your ... READ the POST

Matted Dog Hair Tips: Keep A Dog Mat Free

It’s such a wonder to think about how it’s possible to keep a matted free dog with a busy schedule. Does anyone have any good matted dog hair tips? You JUST had a baby. Maybe recently moved to a new city. Just received a new promotion at work or are maybe working harder to receive a new ... READ the POST

7 Ways to Get Your Dog to Love Grooming

A couple of years ago, a wonderful older woman on a fixed income brought a tea-cup Yorkie to me begging me to try to groom her feisty tiny one. She thoroughly explained that her little dog had been kicked out of every grooming salon and I was her last hope.   Her husband was extremely sick ... READ the POST