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How To Feel Safe As A Single Dog Mom

It's 3 am, your dog is whining to go for a walk. Either you take them out, or they pee in the house. But…….you’re a single woman, and it’s dark outside. It’s nighttime, there are creepers, and who knows what lurks behind the corner?? EVERY CORNER. Or maybe you just simply want to take ... READ the POST

4 Reasons Your Short Haired Dog Is Shedding

^ My Personal Dog Diamond Shedding Like Crazy It’s pretty obvious that dogs will shed simply because their bodies are completely covered in hair. However, some believe that because their dogs are short haired, magically the shedding will be significantly lower than double coated breeds. That ... READ the POST

Best Dog Dental Care Products

 Why am I even concerned with the best dog dental care products? Because I’m a full-time groomer. And I see MANY dogs every day. And that includes seeing a lot of dogs that have major bad breath and extremely neglected teeth.   Yet I still see dogs with bleeding, swollen ... READ the POST

Is CBD Oil Right for Your Dog?

I came across CBD oil last year while grooming at a small feed store.  And the one thing I noticed that they routinely sold out of on a consistent basis was—CBD oil.  I found it insane because I had never heard of Cannabinoid oil being used for dogs…..however, I got to see the effects of ... READ the POST

5 Ways to Know You’ve Found The Right Groomer

How to pick the right groomer for you and your dog?Finding the right groomer can be easier than you think!  Have you ever struggled with finding the perfect groomer for you and your pet? Maybe somtimes you think you’ve found the“right” groomer, but to your dismay, the haircut was more ... READ the POST