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CBD Oil for Dogs – My dog’s experience with pet Releaf

CBD OIl- My Dog’s Experience

**This is not a sponsored post. This CBD Oil was purchased with my own money and this is an actually written from an unbiased perspective**

CBD Oil is the newest, hottest craze for pet parents right now.

Some people feel its manna from heaven, some just a fad, and others who have no idea what CBD oil actually is.

Is it a liquid form of weed?

But the real question is…..

Does it get your dog high!?!?

And the answer is NO.

Hemp-based CBD oil for pets does not get your dog high because it’s too low in THC’s.   

And hemp doggie CBD oil is made of hemp, that may seem like a no brainer, but my sister and some of my clients at work thought hemp and marijuana were one and the same. Just different parts harvested from the same plant with a different name. So I felt like I needed to clarify to be sure everyone is on the same page.

Photo by Alexander Aguero on Unsplash

However, hemp and marijuana are two completely different plants.

So, with that said. Let me tell you about my dog’s personal experience with CBD oil, and ways that I feel it helped him, affected him, and whether or not it is the worth the price tag.

A little bit about my dog Brisbane a*k*a Brisbanbino

My dog is a rescue, he’s a handsome guy who was dropped off at my old workplace along with his 5 brothers.

Originally I was told that he was a chihuahua mix, but 65lbs later I learned he was not. Either way, early on as a small puppy I learned that he was always a bit odd in the sense that he was very nervous, anxietal, jumpy and the like. He whined often for no reason ( and he still does, although I think he thinks he’s human and is talking to me? Not sure).

Realistically, at times it can be quite the challenge being Brisbane’s mom, but with patience and lots of training, I’ve been able to be his loving doggie mama of 8 years, consistently changing and adapting to him as a four-legged canine.

With change and adaptability on my part, I felt CBD oil could be an additional tool to help with my pet parenting skills. I wasn’t actually looking for a sedative/drug that turned my dog into a zombie.  I didn’t want him to be comatose, I just wanted something natural, closer to nature–that could help curb his anxiety and make him feel more at ease.

Why I chose CBD OIL For Him

As a human, I have the power of meditation, journaling, therapy, yoga, exercise, and acupuncture to help with my anxiety.  But for my dog…..he simply can’t heal himself as I can. He doesn’t think with reason to actually understand what anxiety even is. Comprehending and becoming aware of anxiety is impossible for dogs.  And unfortunately, with age, he has continued to get more and more and more anxiety-ridden.

Photo by Victor Garcia on Unsplash

Therefore, after hearing and witnessing CBD Oil work for anxiety and aggressive dogs, I wanted to try it out for my dog Brisbane, because I began to wonder if CBD Oil could make him better and parenting easier. I was interested in the CBD oil benefits for dogs. Especially since I have never had a dog like him before. My oldest dog Diamond is super relaxed and easy-going, absolutely fearless, and honestly

However, I didn’t want to purchase an unsafe CBD Oil.  CBD oil is not FDA regulated, therefore unsafe chemicals and poor processing are possible. Which in turn could make my dog really sick and have adverse effects. Additionally, I wanted to be sure that the CBD oil was hemp-based, and contained absolutely NO MARIJUANA. As an ever obsessing dog mom, I feel uncomfortable thinking about my dogs using anything marijuana-based because I do see them as my kids.  That’s weird, I know, but it’s how I feel.


I Chose Pet Releaf CBD Oil

After lots of research and great recommendations by word of mouth, the CBD oil that I decided to use was/is Pet Releaf. This company is based out of Colorado and has a very good reputation when it comes to CBD OIL for pets.

Black dog and CBD Oil
My dog and CBD Oil

There are three main reasons why I felt Pet Releaf was different from all of the others and definitely different from the CBD oil that you find in the stores, those reasons are:

The only company that controls the entire process from seed to sale and from plant to pet.

USDA Certified Organic Hemp Farm – We have a joint venture partnership with one of the only truly Certified USDA Organic hemp farms in the USA. PR-33, our proprietary hemp strain, is exclusive to Pet Releaf and was chosen specifically for your pet companions to ensure they receive the most beneficial amount of terpenes, flavonoids and cannabinoids. Our strain is also far below the legal limit for THC potency in hemp and comes in at .1% THC compared to the legal limit of .3% THC.

We only use super critical CO2 extraction methods – we never use toxic solvents such as butane (lighter fluid) which can be toxic to your pets!

(qtd. in Pet Releaf guide, pg 1)

The Exact Pet Releaf I chose

I chose the Pet Releaf’s Hemp Oil 700, full-spectrum cannabinoids, with 200MG of Organic Active CBD. Which you can purchase directly from the Pet Releaf Website.

How does CBD Oil Work for Anxiety Ridden Dogs?

According to Pet Releaf :

Cannabidiol (CBD) from the Hemp plant has been known to work wonders with people and with pets when it comes to temporary anxiety prevention. There are multiple scientific studies showing the positive effects of CBD for a multitude of health conditions- including pain management and anxiety reduction.

When CBD enters a mammals endocannabinoid system, specific receptors found throughout the body are activated. These are the only receptors in the body that allow for 2 way communication between body systems. Basically, CBD makes it easier for the body to calm down and relieve tension and temporary anxiety, because receptors in the endocannabinoid system can now “speak” to each other.

(qtd. article How CBD Hemp Oil Can Help Your Pet’s Situational Anxiety)

Behavioral changes


Here are some of the changes that I noticed while he was on CBD Oil vs him not on it—along with some things that I could have done differently vs using the CBD Oil.

1. He seemed to be less anxious and on edge.  

Normally my dog is very anxious and always looking around, nervously.  He’s a great boy, but he is very jumpy, and the littlest things startle him.

For example, this may be TMI, but you can’t burp, fart, or make any odd throat noises without him running to the kennel as if he’s just seen Chucky or Jason from Friday the 13th.

He runs out of the room at the sight of trash bags. And you can forget opening a can of anything loud and let’s just say I can’t practice playing my saxophone around him. When I played my saxophone while in the military, he hated that I had to constantly practice.

However, I do feel that he fares better with louder noises while on CBD oil. They seem to not be getting to him (as much), but he still doesn’t like them. He’s definitely less freaked out.

2.Less Needy  

Within a week of using CBD oil, I noticed that he didn’t seem to need my attention as much. He usually follows me around consistently. To see what I am doing, where I am and whines if I go in any room and close the door.

You would think that alone would tire him out, but it doesn’t.  

However, after administering CBD oil to him after about 3-4 days, he began to become relaxed and calm enough to where he’s okay with just kinda laying around on the floor or in his bed.  Only following me around every once and a while, with a much calmer temperament.

So that was kind of nice because sometimes I worry about his mental well-being. And wonder if his need to follow me is based on his personality or separation anxiety.  And as a woman diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety in 2015 (undiagnosed with depression in 2016) I understand how challenging it can be to have anxiety and feel tense all of the time.  

3. Whined a lot less and slept more.

I’m not really sure if my dog whines because he feels he is communicating in his own doggie-human language. Or if it’s pure anxiety. However, with Pet Releaf, he was a lot less talkative and barked a little bit less. A very tiny bit less. Hahaha.

Although I noticed changes…….I’m not sure if it’s the best solution for my anxiety-ridden dog Brisbane.

Here’s why:

  • The benefits did not outweigh the price. I’m not sure if it’s worth it to spend $45-$50 a month for a small 1oz bottle of hemp for minimal effects. More than likely I am being cheap. But I prefer to keep my budget increased for food, dental hygiene, grooming, vet check-ups, things like that.
  • Additionally, he didn’t really mind the taste. But he didn’t get excited when I brought it out, so if I try it again, I may try the edibles for him.
  • Many of the changes my dog exhibited can be done with adequate exercise and training. Usually taking him for a nice walk, a run at the dog park or some time at daycare usually tires him out for at least 2-3 days. And simply staying consistent with training can keep him somewhat chilled out and relaxed in the house.
  • I don’t really like how sluggish and lethargic he seemed at times. The calmness was great after the first dose, but the second dose for the day seemed to make him only want to sleep, that’s it SLEEP. He didn’t really hang out like my other dog Diamond. Instead, he went straight to bed 30 mins after the 2nd dose.

All in ALL………..

CBD Oil definitely helped my dog with his anxiety.  Although I don’t like how lethargic he is, I think that’s how he would normally be if he didn’t feel so overwhelmed and worked up all of the time.  Regardless of that fact, it did honestly help level him out, and definitely worked in helping him with is anxiety. There were actual CBD oil benefits for my dog.

I highly recommend seeking the advice of your vet before starting the use of CBD oil on your pet.  Especially if you’re attempting to substitute their medications. And as long as you’re approved by your vet, I recommend trying it out for yourself and see if it benefits your dog in any way.

Thanks for Reading!

With Gratitude