Dog Halloween Costume DIY
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Dog Halloween Costumes DIY

It’s Halloween time again! I’ve got some really cute dog Halloween Costumes that are completely DIY. They’re super easy to put together with just items from your closet.


The difference between this year and most others is more and more people are taking their dogs trick or treating, to Halloween festivals, and dressing them up because, why not? 

I love dressing up for Halloween.  It’s the one time of the year where dressing up as a childhood favorite, popular comedian, or another person entirely isn’t seen as weird or out of the norm. 

But it’s way more fun to dress up your dog to make them more adorable than they already are. And it’s quite hilarious to anthropomorphize my dog for one day and break the norm!

And I have to say………

I’m pretty proud of myself with my dog Halloween costume diy’s this year! 

This year, I decided to put together my dog’s Halloween costumes, rather than buy an entire ready-made outfit. I wanted to be budget-friendly, use accessories from around the house,  and create costumes that represent my two dog’s personalities.

Basically I LOVE ALL THINGS HARRY POTTER. I’m a huge Potterhead. So I knew that I would have to incorporate that into one of my dog’s looks for Halloween. 


My dog’s multiple dog Halloween Costumes are not only adorable but also interchangeable.  It is great if you have more than one event to attend for Halloween! 

So if you’re looking for cute dog Halloween costumes, keep reading because I had a lot of fun putting these looks together!

Diamond’s Cute Dog Halloween Costumes DIY

Masquerade Mask and Tutu

Cute Dog Halloween Costumes for Girls
Cute Dog Halloween Costumes for Girls

Believe it or not, I got the Masquerade Mask and the cute purple Tutu from the Dollar Tree for $1 each! Which I thought was a steal, and the mask stayed on her face for quite a while. Win-win!

Cute Headband and Tutu

Cute Dog Halloween Costume for Girls

The Headband was only $1 too. I’m not the biggest fan of it because it makes her look like someone from the movie 5th Element, but small kids found it to be pretty fun, so I went with it!

Brisbane’s Cute Dog Halloween Costumes DIY

I feel like he knows that he is really handsome because he was way too comfortable posing for photos! Diamond I really have to bribe with treats. Bris is the total opposite!

I really had fun putting Brisbane’s dog Halloween Costume together. I decided to label his dog Halloween Costume, “Urban Doggie” haha.

Urban Doggie Theme

The Beanie I purchased from 5 Below, which is a bit more expensive than the Dollar tree, but well worth the 5 bucks spent.

The chain and glasses weren’t as cheap, the glasses are mine, however, and I purchased them and the chain for around 12 bucks each from a local Halloween Store.

Harry Potter Theme

Dog Halloween Costumes Harry Potter

Of Course, this look is one of my favorites because I am a huge Potterhead. Everything here was hanging out in my closet, most of which I purchased from Harry Potter World about 3 years ago.

Glasses & Scarf

Dog Halloween Costumes Pitbull

Doesn’t he look so dapper? I basically reused his Harry Potter Glasses and Used one of my favorite scarfs to add a little character to the costume!

In a Nutshell

These looks were fun to put together! I was able to get all of the items for cheap, and the bonus is I can use them again in later years.Β Β Which proves that Dog Halloween Costumes can take thought, but don’t have to be super challenging or expensive.

Basically it’s best to just have fun with your dogs for Halloween!

I hope these costume ideas were helpful and give you ideas for dog Halloween costumes DIY! And hopefully, make itΒ easy for you to dress your adorable dog up for Halloween.

Thanks for reading and checking out my blog! 


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