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Dog Halloween Treat Bags

Who doesn’t love DOGS and Halloween? Put those together and you can come up with some very crafty dog Halloween treat bags that dogs will be wagging their tails for!

Photo by Elias Castillo on Unsplash

Dogs look so cute dressed up in their cute Halloween costumes, with all of their fluff being squeezed into adorable Superman gear! 

Nowadays more and more people are bringing their dogs along for trick or treating.  And as much as I love giving kids their Halloween candy, I LOVE passing out Halloween Treat Bags to dogs as well

Dog Halloween treat bags don’t have to be super challenging or overly expensive.  They can be cute, fun, and cheap! 

What Treats to Choose? 

The first thing I love to do is focus on treats that I can buy in bulk that I know dogs will love.  That way the treats don’t go to waste and I know even picky eaters will eat the treat! Plus, if I don’t pass out all of the bags, I at least know that I can put them in the freezer and give them to my dogs over the next few months.  

My favorite dog treats to purchase is Old Mother Hubbard! Their treats are all-natural, healthy and wholesome. And I haven’t found a dog who doesn’t devour them.

We made take-home dog Halloween treat bags at our dog grooming salon at Pawsome Pets in Lewisville Texas, and I have yet to find a dog who hasn’t eaten them immediately!  

By the way, this post is not sponsored, this is an honest review!

Where to Purchase

I usually purchase my treats from either Pet Supplies Plus or Hollywood Feed (my two favorite pet stores). I don’t usually purchase more than 1 box. I live in an apartment complex in the Dallas area and this is usually enough for the number of visitors I have that come by on Halloween night. 

Cute Halloween Treat Bags

I like to use plastic bags that have cute Halloween designs, because, why not? It’s Halloween, and dogs deserve to have cute bags too! 

These bags you can buy from the Dollar Tree believe it or not. There are also quite a variety on Amazon as well!

And lastly, I set my trick or treat station up by the door.  I usually keep two separate bowls to make it easier when passing out candy for both cute little humans and adorable dogs! 

I hope this post makes your Halloween awesome! And that you have plenty of fun passing out your Halloween candies and treats to all of the four-legged furries in the neighborhood! 

Happy Halloween!