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Dog Hygiene Schedule

Dog Hygiene Schedule

As a pet parent, dog groomer, and overall dog lover– I’ve learned that keeping up with a dog’s hygiene is crucial to a dog’s overall health.

It helps with keeping the nails short, skin clean and healthy, vet and grooming costs down, and so much more!

However, with grooming I’ve also learned…………….

And knowing how to keep up with a dog’s hygiene is a MUST. But the biggest problem most pet parents face is HOW OFTEN and WHEN to keep up with their dog’s hygiene. 

Why I Created a Dog Hygiene Schedule

My favorite four-legged clients who are on a schedule I’ve recommended for them allowed me to determine what schedule would be best for them based on their needs and coat type. This is why I knew that I needed to create a schedule that could help other pet parents too! Mainly because there just isn’t enough information out there.

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Me grooming one of my favorite doodles!

Most groomers, especially corporate groomers, simply repeat what they’ve been told to tell pet parents by their superiors.   

And the other problem pet parents face is— there is nowhere for my clients to actually fact check this information. 

Finding true, helpful information on how to keep up with their dog’s nail trimming, professional grooming, and nail trimming is quite overwhelming and confusing

Especially online. 

It’s easy to look online………………….but……………. 

How much information is provided by an actual groomer who has a wealth of knowledge in the industry? 

Most information is provided by bloggers who simply own dogs or they’re ghostwriters, and guest bloggers who don’t have a solid background in dog grooming and coat care. 

And usually, they’ve never groomed many dogs with various coat types. And bathing their dog at home in the tub definitely doesn’t count as dog grooming.

That’s why I want to take the guesswork and uncertainty out of the equation.  And rather provide you with real answers, real advice, and real solutions that can help make keeping up with your dog’s hygiene MUCH EASIER. 

How I’ve Created the Best Grooming Schedule for Your Dog 

The way I’ve been able to create the best dog hygiene schedule is I actually figured out what works best for my personal clients. 

I’ve kept up with how often I need to trim nails, clean ears, brush out the coat, and professionally groom each of my clients. 

I groom my client’s dogs, tell them how often to come in, and tweak their appointments based on their personal needs.

For example, if I tell a client to bring their Shih-Tzu in every 3-4 weeks, I wouldn’t need to tell the same thing to my german shepherd client who requires just a simple bath, de-shed, and nail trim. 

So I’ve created my grooming schedule based on need and coat type. Similar breeds tend to have similar grooming schedules. 

And every dog needs their nails trimmed, teeth brushed, and coat brushed as well. No matter the coat type.

Why A Dog Hygiene Schedule is important 

There are many reasons as to why a dog hygiene schedule is important. But here are my most important reasons why:

My clients save a ton in grooming costs because they don’t have to pay extra fees for extra brushing, extra donating, or even special shampoos to help extremely neglected skin. 

The clients of mine who stay on a routine grooming schedule don’t have to continually pay extra money just to keep up with their dog–because they are taking preventative measures and keep their dogs in top shape. 

Matted Neck of a Dog

And my clients, due to a dog grooming schedule, definitely save a ton in veterinary fees.  Their dogs don’t have broken nails, bad skin, infected ears, or super tight mats that require a referral to a veterinarian for safety concerns.

Redness and irritation from urine and matting

And not to forget the occasional grooming at home due to embarrassment to bring their dog out in public. Which can lead to clipper burn, nics, cuts, and scrapes due to lack of knowledge on how to trim a live animal. 

Cut ear from parents grooming dog in the past

I have a great post about the dangers of grooming your dog at home and how to do it safely! 

And who knows what else could come about without having your dog groomed regularly?

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My dog hygiene schedule covers ALL coat types.

I’ve covered 3 of the major coat types. Long, Short, and double-coated breeds.

Long, Short, & Double Coated 


Shih-tzu walking
Shih-Tzu walking

If your dog requires routine grooming and brushing and their coat can grow longer than an 1 inch at any given time-they fall under this category of Long. 


Frenchie Short Haired

And dog that has a smooth coat, or coat that is 1inch and under at their longest length possible falls under short. And usually, these dogs only require a bath and no hair trimming.  Are under this category. 

Double Coated 

Samoyed Double Coated Dog

I placed double-coated breeds under their own category simply because they do require regular grooming. Not necessarily a trim up, but definitely routine deshedding.

Especially deshedding. 

One thing I’ve noticed about double-coated breeds is that if they aren’t de-shedded on a regular basis, they tend to have the most skin issues and the worst smell. Most notably their coat’s mildew and smell AWFUL when they aren’t regularly maintained. 

And they simply shed less and just seem to feel better. 

It’s just as important to groom double-coated breeds too!

How to Use my Dog Hygiene Schedule 

My dog hygiene schedule is very generalized for each coat type. But will definitely work well for your dog as long as you use it as it’s written out for you.

It’s great to hang up on the refrigerator or near the family calendar to keep up with your dog’s hygiene. 

You can change it up based on your dog’s needs of course.  But if you follow it daily, it will significantly help keep your dog’s hygiene in check. Which will ensure your dog is healthy, happy, and loving their best life! 

Don’t Forget to Grab A Copy of My FREE Hygiene Schedule Before You Go

Thanks so much for reading and taking the time to learn better pet parenting skills! You’re an awesome Pet Parent!

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