Take the guesswork out of how to care for your doodle's coat.

Finding helpful information for your Doodle online can be hard.  Especially when it comes to understanding coat care and doodle grooming. Matting can be a struggle, getting the wrong haircut is annoying (don’t get your doodle “poodled”), and how are you supposed to know what brush to use? 

Let me make your life easier by providing real answer, real advice, real support.

As a groomer of 11 years, I’ve learned that many Doodle Pet Parents can’t seem to find enough information online that shows them how to keep up with their doodle’s coat care–the right way. They’re not sure how often to brush, what brush to use, how often to get their doodles groomed, or when to start their taking their doodle puppies to get professionally trimmed. 

Instead, they’re frustrated by the constant mats in the coat, getting their dogs shaved relentlessly at the groomers, not knowing what shampoos to use or what’s the best food to feed. What’s worse is vet bills keep piling up because of skin and ear issues. 

What if I told you there was a better way?


What if you knew exactly what brush, comb, and ideal grooming products were best for your doodle’s specific coat type? Imagine being able to get your doodle professionally groomed with the haircut and style you want, EVERYTIME, without the fear of getting your “doodle poodled”?


Who doesn’t want their doodle to have a beautifully maintained coat, completely mat-free, that’s has beautiful luscious ringlets and curls? And of course, it’s just as important to know what food products can help aid in keeping your doodle always looking and feeling their best! 


Doodle Grooming Simplified for Pet Parents

I’ve made understanding doodle coat care and grooming simple and easy to understand! It doesn’t have to be hard.  You don’t have to spend countless hours researching, asking non-grooming professionals who aren’t sure or simply using trial and error in complete frustration.

After years in the industry and working directly with Doodle parents of all types, from beginner to pro I’ve cracked the code in helping them take excellent care of their Doodle from head to tail. And all of those answers are provided for you in my ebook.  

What’s inside the ebook?

Grooming Schedule

How often to get your Doodle Professionally groomed. 

IMportance of Grooming

Why professional grooming is important for your doodle.

Haircut styles

How to get the professional groom style you want.

Mat and tangle free

How to keep your doodle mat and tangle free FOREVER.

why mats are bad

The Dangers of matting, skin issues, and discomfort. 

Mats explained

Why your doodle gets shaved every time they’re matted.

..............................And so much more!

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“This E book is a life saver, full of valuable information, tips and tricks that every Doodle owner must have!!  .”
– Terran

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Doodle grooming schedule

Free Printable to keep up with your doodle’s grooming schedule.

Grooming Record

Free Printable to keep up with your doodle’s exact haircut.

Happy skin and coat

All of my favorite and top recommended grooming products for optimum coat and skin.

favorite diet products

All of my favorite and top recommend doggie foods and supplements to keep your doodle looking and feeling their best. 

How to get your doodle to love getting brushed

I tell you exactly how to positively reinforce your doodle to make brushing easy.

Hello, I'm Tina!

Hey there! My name is Tina, I’m a pet obsessed blogger and pet stylist! I’ve been grooming dogs for over 10 years, helping pet parents learn how best to take care of their dog’s coat health.

And out of all of the types of dogs that exist on the planet–Doodles are one of my absolute favorites!  I’ve seen the struggle my clients have had with their doodles coat care. And I’m here to provide a solution, simplified for pet parents. 

Have a burning question?

No, this ebook is a guide to show you how to properly take care of your doodle’s coat to prevent matting, lower grooming and veterinarian costs. 

Unfortunately, at this time we do not offer refunds because it is a digital download.  

Yes! My ebook will help you learn the in’s and out’s of your doodle’s coat to prevent them from matting. 

Yes! As a bonus you’ll also receive a printable grooming schedule too!

Yes! This book can prepare you for Doodle Parenthood. 

Yes! This ebook is for every doodle from Goldendoodle to Sheepadoodle! As long as your dog is part poodle and grows hair, this ebook applies to you!

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