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First-Time Goldendoodle Pet Parent: 5 Coat Care Tips

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Goldendoodles are becoming quite popular. Being a first-time Goldendoodle pet parent can be both fun and overwhelming. The fun about a Goldendoodle is their goofy personalities, playfulness, sweet demeanor, and of course their ability to get along with any dog they meet! 

However, coat care tends to be the most overwhelming aspect of owning a Goldendoodle. This is why for first-time Goldendoodle pet parents, coat care tips are essential. It’s not as easy as owning a lab or even a golden retriever.  Instead, there is matting (knots and tangles), mildewing of the coat from access to water, overgrown hair in the eyes, dingleberries, hair in the ears, hair breakage from harnesses, dry skin, and coat, and of course an overgrown coat that is impossible to manage. 

With my 5 Coat Care tips–being a first-time Goldendoodle parent doesn’t have to be overwhelming, it can be incredibly easy! 

Here are my 5 Coat Care tips for 1st time Goldendoodle parents.

Start with the Right Grooming Tools at Home

Having the right tools at home can make a world of difference when it comes to managing your Goldendoodle’s coat. A simple comb and brush are the number one thing you’ll need—but if you’re willing to invest, there are a few top items I recommend purchasing as well.

A slicker brush and a comb are the #1 thing you’ll need for your Goldendoodle. 

Using the right brush for your Goldendoodle is essential. The only brush you wanna use is a slicker brush. Anything else won’t work. Check out my top brush recommendations.

It’s sooooooooo important to make sure that you brush the coat all over and can take a comb through the hair all of the way down to the skin.  Otherwise, you’ll just be brushing the top layer and there will be tons of matting underneath.  And that will lead your Goldendoodle to get skin issues and possibly shaved at the groomer. 

A doggie blow dryer is a much more expensive purchase– but is your best investment for a Goldendoodle. Once you’ve washed your doodle, you don’t want them to simply air dry. Allowing your Goldendoodle to air dry–can cause the coat to sour and mildew.  And cause skin problems as well from growing bacteria. This also causes matting. It is best to fully dry, brush, and comb your Goldendoodle. This will prevent any knotting or tangling in your dog’s coat. This is usually my #1 rookie mistake amongst my first-time Goldendoodle pet parent.

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Brush and Comb your Goldendoodle Daily

This almost seems needless to say–but life happens and it’s easy to skip out on brushing and combing your pup’s hair. However, Goldendoodles have a very high maintenance coat and require extra TLC. And as a first-time Goldendoodle Pet Parent–it is just as important to brush your dog’s hair as it is your own!

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Find An Awesome Groomer–Professional Maintenance is a Must!

Tina Grooming
Tina Grooming

Having a great groomer is crucial to your Goldendoodle’s coat care. A high-quality groomer will absolutely help you along your journey. They’ll bond with your doodle, help you with hard questions, and most importantly–can provide you with the tools and products you need right there in the grooming salon.

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Many first-time Goldendoodle Pet Parents try to groom their doodle at home to save money at the groomers. But that is just so dangerous. Read more about why it is dangerous to groom your dog at home.

Make sure to have a Hygiene Schedule for your Goldendoodle

It’s very wise to keep your Goldendoodle on a routine schedule. And it just so happens that if you subscribe to my email newsletter, you’ll get it for free!

This will help keep your dog mat-free, accustomed to grooming, and free from odors. 

Goldendoodle coats are man-made.  Therefore, it’s easy for them to begin to mat up and get smelly.

Not to mention, if there’s tons of hair in their nether regions, they’ll get dingleberries and crusty pee areas.  This will get on your furniture and can be incredibly unhygienic if you have small children or if you allow your pup in your bed.  

Choose high-quality food and supplements to give your dog healthy skin and coat. 

It’s the same for dogs as it is for Humans-YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!  If you want your Goldendoodle to have a beautiful and luscious coat, you’ve got to feed them high-quality food.  Low-quality food causes a dull coat, dry skin, allergies, and smelly feet.  Check to make sure that you’re not feeding a diet high in corn.  All fluff no substance.  It’s important to feed your Doodle a nutrient-dense diet.  

                   If you won’t eat hamburgers, fries, and junk food everyday—your dog definitely shouldn’t either!

In Conclusion

Hopefully my 5 coat care tips help you along your journey of owning a Goldendoodle and make your life much easier! If you have any more questions regarding your Goldendoodle check out my Ebook just for Goldendoodle Pet Parents!

Doodle Grooming Guide
Doodle Grooming Guide

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