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Halloween Dog Bandana

As a groomer AND a dog mom, one thing I know for sure–pet parents love for their dogs to wear bandanas! 

Not just any old bandana.  

It has to be a bandana that compliments your dog’s cutness and personality.  And hey! It’s Halloween season, so it has to be Halloween themed.  

However, some dog bandanas can be quite expensive.  Especially if it’s a seasonal bandana that your dog is only going to wear once a year.  

That’s why I created this super easy tutorial. You can have your dog looking amazingly cute for Halloween without breaking the bank! 

I just simply ran to the nearest Wal-mart in my area and picked up some small fabric rolls.  Normally I go to an actual fabric store, like Hobby Lobby.

Their fabric is much cheaper.

But that sad thing is there aren’t any close enough to me.  So Wal-mart was kind of a last resort. The seasonal fabric rolls that I chose were only $1.47 each. 

Halloween Fabric

And, they’re pre-cut, so it’s easy to just grab and go. And I chose the most Halloween themed fabric for the Halloween dog bandanas! 

I also used a pair of pinking shears.  Pinking shears are really great for fabric because they not only create a decorative edge, but they also prevent fraying. 

Halloween Fabric

And then lastly you just need to figure out what size bandana you need, or how many for multiple family households.  

Halloween Fabric

My dogs have the same neck size.  Therefore, with their Halloween dog bandanas, I just simply cut the fabric square diagonally and tie it tighter as needed. 

If you have a smaller dog, just cut the fabric diagonally, then cut the freshly cut piece diagonally again and ta-da! You’ve got a Halloween dog bandana for a much smaller dog! 

Look how cute my dogs look afterward in their Halloween dog bandanas!

And that’s it.  It doesn’t have to be super challenging to make Halloween dog bandanas! As a groomer, I’ve had to learn how to make bandanas quickly for my clients and this is definitely the way I’ve done it for years. 

Halloween Dog Bandanas
Halloween Dog Bandanas

Super easy and cheap! And if you’d like to learn about how to make Halloween Treat Bags, click here.

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