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How To Feel Safe As A Single Dog Mom

It’s 3 am, your dog is whining to go for a walk.

Either you take them out, or they pee in the house. But…….you’re a single woman, and it’s dark outside. It’s nighttime, there are creepers, and who knows what lurks behind the corner??


Or maybe you just simply want to take your dog for a walk and enjoy your time outside, while bonding with your pet.

However, people can be weird, misunderstand boundaries, and be downright out of line.

Yes. People can be super creepy and stalkerish! I once had a guy have his friend pull their car over, get out, and ask me, “can I help you walk your dog”. I was like, “ummmm……what? Who are you? And who does that?”

Talk about creepy……….

And with everything going on in the media and social media, how do you keep both you and your dog safe?

Whether or not your dog is friendly or aggressive, big or small, walking outside at night or during the day alone, as a woman, can be terrifying. However, as a pet parent, there are times when duty calls and it’s imperative your dog get ample exercise.

I was single for 3 ½ years straight with absolutely no guy around and I learned quite a few things to help me feel safer.  I’ve discovered ways to make my dogs “appear” scary at night, or during the day. I learned little things that can make potential perpetrators think twice, and ways to keep those annoying cat callers at a distance.  

Creepers still exist in 2019….

Photo by Max Bender on Unsplash

It’s sad that in 2019 I even have to write a post like this, but as we’ve seen in recent news and events, people haven’t changed much.  And it almost seems as if perps are getting worse. Whatever I can do to keep my beautiful dog moms safe, I will do!

Here are all of the things I’ve used and put into practice. Hopefully, these suggestions will help you understand how to feel safe as a single dog mom. That way you can safely walk your dog, in your neighborhood knowing you are taking every precaution possible, keeping both you and your adorable dog feeling protected regardless of the circumstance or time of day.

How to Be Safe As a Dog Mom 101

Scary/Deterring Collars and Leashes

My Dogs Brisbane (Black) and Diamond (Brown)

Luckily it is so easy to find super cute collars and leashes.  Save those for when you head to the groomers, dog park, family outing, or some group event where you FEEL SAFE.

When walking alone, it’s best to use a collar and leash that doesn’t attract too much attention. And maybe even invest in a leash that says something to keep certain people away.  

For example, I walk my beautiful dog Diamond with a chain collar (not for training purposes) but rather to make her look like a boy and possibly aggressive (she’s ridiculously sweet) to keep annoying people away.  And for my handsome guy Bris, I literally hit the jackpot by needing to use a face harness for his extreme pulling. Its funny because most people usually think that it is a muzzle, assuming he is aggressive and bites. Which definitely helps you to feel safe as a single dog mom.

Another option is to get the leashes labeled or the wording that slides over the leash stating, “aggressive, do not pet” or some other scary phrase to keep people from touching your dog in fear of being bit.  This definitely works for dogs of all sizes. And the next time they see you walking by, they’ll think, “That’s the lady with the psycho dog”–one less creep to worry about.

No flashing lights on the dog’s collar -you want to seem as inconspicuous as possible .

Flashing lights are great for outings at the lake, if your dog is in your backyard, or maybe even if you’re in a safe place and need to be able to know and see where your dog is.  

However, when walking your dog outside, it’s not safe to have anything on or around the neck that could attract unwanted attention.  It’s best to stay away from flashing lights and glow in the dark collars.

Lipstick Taser and Mace

Taser and Mace are great deterrents, especially for creeps. They even come in Key Chain form.  These are pretty self-explanatory. And they’re easy to find on Amazon for like $20.

Pet Corrector -Loud Noises

Photo by Oleg Laptev on Unsplash

Loud noises can be scary as well for men who don’t understand the word no. And sometimes, not always, the loud noise can attract the attention of bystanders who could possibly intervene. This is where the pet corrector comes in.

The Pet Corrector is just like a can of air, except the air comes out of what looks like a mini plastic horn.  So it sprays out a loud, “SSHHHHHHH” sound. One that is both loud and terrifying if not expected. It’s easy to find on Amazon and Chewy.

It not only serves as a loud noise for creeps, but it’s also great for other aggressive dogs who come up to your dog. It keeps them away as well. So it’s definitely worth a purchase.  It also comes in keychain form.

A Doormat That Lets Your Perp Know You Have a Dog

Photo by Court Prather on Unsplash

I live in an apartment, in Dallas, Texas, with new people moving in and out all of the time. Of all of the ways of how to feel safe as a single dog mom, a simple doormat is one of them!

Some men have followed me from my car to my apartment door to ask me if, “I’m single, or how old I am, or if they can have my number”. But they think twice when they know that I have dogs.  My dogs don’t bark all of the time. So a great doormat with dog paws or something cute can keep both creeps and potentially robbers away. Because, well, no one likes getting ripped to shreds by a dog.  

Texting Someone a Map of Your GPS Location

Photo by Chaz McGregor on Unsplash

To this day, even while being in a relationship, if I am going on a long walk or hike, I always text my Mom, sister, and best friend a photo of my current location. That way if they haven’t heard from me in a couple of hours, they know my last location.

If you’re planning to do a day hike alone with just your dog, be sure to send a photo of your gps location with the satellite feature ON.  This way if there are any strange paths, slopes, trees or anything, they know about where you are and where to find you in case of an emergency.

Create a Dog Walking Group for Late Night Walks -Try Not to Go Alone

The Meet Up app is one of my all-time favorite apps! It allows people with similar interests to get together and do fun things collectively. Meet up also has the option to create groups of your choosing. It’s easy to create a dog walking group for dog moms who need to exercise their dogs during later hours of the evening.

Photo by Helena Lopes from Pexels

If you’re not so keen on using an app to form a group, it’s easy to form a group a lot of other ways. That’s because nowadays, most people have dogs. Whether it’s a neighborhood group, a bunch of girlfriends and guy friends, yoga group, whatever the case, there is strength and SAFETY in larger numbers.

In Conclusion

Always be mindful of your safety when it comes to being a single dog mom. Especially if you’re spending time alone with your four-legged friend. It’s important to your dog that you are kept safe because they need you.

Hopefully this advice keeps you safe and shows you how to feel safe as a single dog mom.

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