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Let’s just be real here.

Taking care of a Goldendoodle’s hair can be quite a challenge, especially if you don’t know where to start! In this post, I really want to keep things simple.  If you’ve been struggling with keeping your Goldendoodle Mat free, I’ve got three super easy solutions to keep up with your pup’s hair mat, tangle, and knot free!

1. Brush and Comb Daily- At Least 15 mins 

The simplest and easiest way to keep your Goldendoodle mat free is to brush them! Brushing your doodle for 15 minutes a day keeps the mats away. (make this a quote for Pinterest and your blog!) 

No matter how often you get your Goldendoodle professionally groomed if you don’t brush them, they’ll begin matting within a couple of days.  

My clients who are most successful in keeping their Goldendoodles mat-free, tell me that they brush every day, for at least 15 minutes. And they feel their dog really enjoy the bonding time.  Plus, it makes the grooming experience easy because they’re accustomed to being handled and groomed at home. 

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Brushing and Combing a Dog
Brushing and Combing a Dog

After you’ve brushed your dog all over, be sure to follow up with a comb to make sure you get out every single knot and tangle. This will ensure that your Goldendoodle doesn’t have any small matting that can eventually turn into large mats. 

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2. Get Your Goldendoodle groomed Regularly 

Regular grooming visits will definitely help lower the number of mats your dog will have. It is ideal to get your Goldendoodle professionally groomed once a month and a bath and brush in between.  

Frankie the Mini Doodle
Frankie the Mini Goldendoodle

A grooming professional will brush your dog out completely, comb them, and blow their coat out. The thoroughness of a professional groom ensures that all possible trouble spots are taken care of, all mats are removed, and the skin and coat are nice and clean. 

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This will help you have a coat that has a fresh start every time they come from the groomer! Win-win for everyone.  And your groomer will thank you! 

3. Keep them at a length you can maintain 

Matting can be a serious issue for busy pet parents.  If you find that you have trouble finding time to brush out your Goldendoodle, it’s probably best to trim them down to a length that’s easier to maintain.  It doesn’t mean that you need to “shave” them.  But probably a longer trim can make things easier for both you and your dog. 

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For example, one of my regular clients, Sunny, gets a fluffy trim, but not too long for her mom who is an incredibly busy real-estate agent. She’s still able to get that cute doodle look without the matting.  And she brings her in for grooming every 3-4 weeks.

Sunny after a fresh cut and style
Sunny after a fresh cut and style

It’s best to choose comfort over vanity. Whatever is best for your dog should be what’s best for you.  They need to be comfortable, rather than be in pain or uncomfortable because they have matting pulling on their skin.  

Keeping your Goldendoodle mat free doesn’t have to be hard.  It can actually be easy as long as you do your part as an involved pet parent and do what’s best for your Goldendoodle! 

Doodle Grooming Guide
Doodle Grooming Guide