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Matted Dog Hair Tips: Keep A Dog Mat Free

It’s such a wonder to think about how it’s possible to keep a matted free dog with a busy schedule. Does anyone have any good matted dog hair tips?

You JUST had a baby.

Maybe recently moved to a new city.

Just received a new promotion at work or are maybe working harder to receive a new promotion at work.

Maybe you’re an aspiring entrepreneur working hard

And TIME just isn’t in the cards. The last thing you have time for is to brush cute little fluffy pants, you barely even have time to EAT.

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

Now cute fluffly is Super Matted, and your Busy Schedule is only making your dog grooming bills higher and fluffy less tolerant for brushing.

I totally get it. I hear this all of the time.

Life Happens. It’s okay.

I’m here to help you figure out how to keep your dog mat free. WHY?

Because matted dog hair is BAD. It’s technically animal abuse.

Very Matted Dog Hair

Mats pull on the skin, they prevent proper blood circulation, they cause skin infections due to the skin not being able to breathe underneath all of the hair, and it’s just gross and uncomfortable for your dog.

Imagine going days, weeks, or even months WITHOUT brushing your hair.  Could you imagine the pain, smell, or discomfort associated with your hair? It would be a nightmare. MAKE THIS A QUOTE

If YOU comb and brush YOUR hair every day and make salon appointments to keep your hair healthy, your dog deserves that too.  It’s possible to keep a matted free dog with a busy schedule.

I always get questions about matting from my clients.  Especially those with dogs who have VERY high maintenance coats. Coats that seem impossible to keep mat free.

My Top 5 Questions that I get daily are:

I am so busy, how do I keep my dog from getting matted? What tips to have to keep my dog mat free?

How do I keep my dog mat free-free from tangles and knots behind the ears?

How can I get my dog from getting shaved every time they go to the groomers??

What is the best length to keep my dog so they can keep from getting matted?

How often should I brush my dog?

If you feel like you need answers to any of these questions, then you’ve come to the right place!

Because honestly, I and groomers alike can attest that we hate shaving all of the hair off your dog.  But we also hate seeing them matted and in pain. We are dog groomers for a reason, and really want to see your dog healthy and happy.

My goal is to provide you with all of my matted dog hair tips, and hep you understand your dog’s coat MUCH, MUCH, better!

Here are my three dog matted hair tips!

Seek Professional Help With a Busy Schedule

Because time is of the essence, seeking professional help is always going to be your best bet!

You can simply drop your dog off to your local dog groomer before work and pick them up afterward. Not only that, but we groomers can put you on a recurring schedule, and we even do reminder calls, emails, and texts.


The bonus is: the groom can be FLEXIBLE. Which means you don’t necessarily have to pay for a full groom each time. We can simply brush out your dog, brush and bathe your dog, brush, bathe, and trim around the eyes. The possibilities are endless.

And we can keep up with most -NOT ALL, of the maintenance for you. Giving you a little more time in your week with a lot less stress as to how to keep your dogs coat looking healthy and pretty!

Me and a super sweet Old English Sheepdog

Keep A Brushing Schedule

My second matted dog hair tip is to keep a brushing schedule. Some say that it takes 21 days to create a habit, once something becomes habitual, it feels instinctual. Therefore you can feel good about brushing your dog, and your dog feels completely comfortable getting brushed.  So it’s a win-win for both of you.

Pet Grooming Tools

The three ways that I recommend to find time to brush your dog are these three ways:

  • Setting an alarm on your phone
  • Brushing while your favorite show is on
  • Take turns brushing
    • Maybe your husband/boyfriend brushes one day, or your kids take turns brushing on certain days too.

Keep Your Dog In A Shorter Hairstyle

My last and final matted dog hair tip is to keep your dog In a shorter hairstyle.

Old English Sheepdog in Shorter Hairstyle

Sometimes it’s not about what you want, it’s about what will make your dog feel more comfortable.  Although you may want your dog to be long and fluffy, if you don’t make time to keep their coat brushed and maintained, then it’s not fair to them.

A matted dog coat can be extremely painful, can cause skin issues, plus it’s easier to mildew. One of the best things to be aware of is your dog’s “coat threshold”.  This is definitely a term that I made up, so Googling it won’t help, but here’s my explanation.

Your’s dog’s coat threshold is how long it can get before it begins to mat. Not until the body mats up into a full body cast and has to be shaved down.  But rather right before tiny mats begin to take over the coat.  Every dog, even if they are the same breed is different.  So sometimes it’s best to experiment and figure out what length works best for your dog.  Or you can just be safe and keep the length shorter, not necessarily SHAVED, but shorter.

In Conclusion,

I’ve given you my best matted dog hair tips! Hopefully they keep your dog matt free, and their coat easy to maintain.

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  1. just another groomer...

    Hi there, wanted to tell you this is the best heartfelt article by a groomer I’ve found. I’m using it to help spread education to my clients while they are unfortunately stuck without a groomer during shutdown. Thank you 🙂

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