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As a professional groomer, I believe in getting your Goldendoodle professionally groomed.  However, it’s still important to have products at home to keep up with their hygiene. 

It’s incredibly easy for Goldendoodles to get messy, dirty, matted, and smelly.  That’s why I’ve decided to make a list of all of the grooming equipment you’ll need at home to keep your Doodle FRESH and looking their BEST

⤓Below is an overall list of all of the things you’ll need for your Goldendoodle from head to toe! 

Nail Clippers/ Human Nail Filer 

If you’re up for it and feel confident trimming your dog’s nails, then trimming your Goldendoodle’s nails is a MUST! Long nails can lead to damaged muscles in the pastern of the foot.  Leading to splaying of the toes and arthritic issues later down the road. Keeping the nails trimmed is super important for your Goldendoodle’s overall well-being. 

Nail trimming causes a lot of anxiety for some parents.  And I completely understand.

Human Nail Filers can be a life saver! Just file down the sharp tips of your dog’s nails.

If you don’t feel safe trimming your Goldendoodle’s nails, then you can always use a human nail file to quickly file down the tips.  It’s a great hack for pet parents who need to round off the tips of their dog’s nails but are also pressed for time and can’t make it to their nearby grooming salon. 

My Recommendation: 

Safari Nail Trimmer 

Safari Nail File for Dogs

Ear Cleaner, Cotton Balls

Goldendoodles have floppy ears.  And floppy ears are man-made.  Which means they are prone to ear infections.  The floppier the ear, the more moisture the ear canal will hold.  This can lead to extreme harboring of bacteria along with a smell.  It’s best to have a really good ear cleaner that can keep the canal nice and dry, preventing moisture and bacteria growth.  Which leads to healthy, happy ears! 

My Recommendation 

Espree Dog Ear Cleaner 

Toothpaste, Tooth Brush, Breath Spray

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO KEEP UP WITH YOUR DOG’S ORAL HYGIENE. I cannot stress this enough  Brushing your dog’s teeth is about more than just getting rid of bad breath.  It’s a preventative measure to keep your dog’s gums and overall health in optimum condition. Below I’ve recommended my all-time favorite dental products that work incredibly well. I use these products at home for my personal dogs. My dogs are 9 and 12 and get compliments from my Veterinarian on how great their teeth look for their age.

My Recommendation: 

Nylabone Toothpaste


Tropiclean Teeth products 

Water additive

Water Additives are a great addition to toothpaste and breath spray.  It helps keep the smells down that come from areas of the mouth that are hard to reach with a toothbrush. My absolute favorite–Bluestem—has a patented technology that breaks down tartar, creating fresher breath, and healthier teeth and gums.  I use this product on a regular basis in my dog’s water fountain. It’s definitely a game-changer.  

My Recommendation: 

Bluestem Chicken Flavor Water Additive 

Slicker Brush

Brushing your doodle is one of the most important things you could ever do for your Goldendoodle. They have a high maintenance coat, brushing them keeps it healthy and mat-free. If you’d like to keep your Goldendoodle mat free–read this! Or if you’re struggling currently with keeping your Goldendoodle mat-free, read this. 

My Recommendation 

Chris Christensen Slicker Brush. This is by far my most favorite brush for doodles!! 

Greyhound Comb 

Combs are simple, you really don’t need anything super fancy.  A simple greyhound comb is good.  And you comb your dog just like you’d comb your hair! 

My Recommendation

Thinning shears 

Thinning shears are great for grooming your dog at home and you simply want to cut in front of the eyes and around the bangs.  I don’t recommend trimming in this area with anything other than thinning shears because it can be quite dangerous.  You can read about the dangers of grooming your dog at home here. 

Round Tip Grooming Shears 

Round tip grooming shears are super safe and easy to just if you need to trim some extra hairs around the mouth or paws.  I have seen a lot of gum, paint, and tree sap in a Goldendoodle’s coat.  Emergency grooming at home will happen! And these simple, cheap, safe shears are the way to go! However, NEVER CUT OUT MATS WITH SCISSORS! IT’S DANGEROUS AND CAN COST YOU A HEFTY VET BILL IN THE END. 

My Recommendation 

Grooming Scissor and Thinning Shear Set

Inexpensive Clippers

I’m kind of tired of seeing Goldendoodles come in with poop stuck to their butts and their crotch area covered in crusty, dried yellow pee.  It’s okay to shave those areas at home.  With practice and patience, you can easily shave it between grooms. If your dog is hopping on furniture, laying on bedding, or napping on the carpet, it is extremely unhygienic to let them run around the house with urine and fecal matter chilling on their fur.  Plus it’s uncomfortable for them.

You’ll start to notice them constantly licking to keep themselves clean, but there is only so much a dog can do on its own.   A simple, low-powered clipper can work wonders and keep up with your doodle’s hygiene.


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Shampoo, Conditioner

Quality Shampoo and Conditioner are a must on Goldendoodle coats.  You want a shampoo and condish that will both hydrate and repair.  Goldendoodles can be quite active.  Because of this, their coat can damage easily, making it feel brittle and wiry.  Additionally, depending on the season, their coat can get really dry. This is where the conditioner comes in.  You want a conditioner that is not so heavily weighted that causes the coat to feel oily, but also hydrating enough to make the coat soft and supple and easier to brush and maintain.  

My Recommendation: 


For Sensitive Skin—Earth bath is Hypoallergenic

For Allergies/Medicated–Curaseb/Curabenz 

Kin and Kind Shampoo Products 

Isle of Dogs Shampoo 


Isle of Dogs #50 or #51 

Kin and Kind Conditioner 

Espree Silky Show Shampoo and Conditioner

Blow Dryer 

I have smelled more sour Goldendoodle coat than I would like.  The smell is very similar to rotten milk and spoiled eggs.  Leaving your Goldendoodle wet after bathing, swimming, or a hike in the rain can cause this.  And it’s pretty sad.  Because it allows for bacteria to harbor, fester, and grow to cause skin issues and smell. 

A simple cheap and inexpensive doggie blowdryer can help blow out all of the excess water, while removing debris and drying out areas that bacteria can grow in.

My Recommendation:

Air Force Commander 2-Speed Dryer 4.0 HP Motor S

Detangling Spray 

It’s no surprise that Goldendoodles matt easily. They could sneeze and a mat would form behind their ear.  Hence the importance of detangling spray.  Detangling spray is a staple in our grooming salon at Pawsome Pets in Lewisville Texas.  I couldn’t imagine what my sister and I would do without dematting spray.  

It can be very uncomfortable to simply brush out a super dry–tangled coat.  However, if you use a quality detangler, it can provide what’s known as “slip” allowing you to detangle the coat PAIN FREE and EASILY! Get you some detangling spray, you won’t regret it!  

My Recommendation:

Ice on Ice by Chris Christensen

Isle of Dogs Brushing Spray 

Paw Balm 

Paw Balm is not necessary really at all, unless your dog is older and their nose begins to crack.  Otherwise it keeps your dog’s nose and feet really soft.  However, if you go for long walks, jogs, runs, hikes, or are in any way active with your Goldendoodle, I DO NOT recommend it.  It can cause the pads to become too soft, completely rubbing the off on the pavement until they bleed. You want your dog’s paws to callus if they are active to keep them sturdy and strong enough to handle any terrain. 

My Recommendation: 

Cologne or Deodorizer 

I have many favorite colognes and deodorizers that I use for my clients.  Below I list my top faves.  Check them out. 

My Recommendation:

Warren London

Isle of dogs 

Fresh and Clean 

Doggie Wipes 

Doggie wipes are necessary for any pet parent, but definitely Goldendoodles.  They are great for cleaning up dirty paws, any messes on the rear, or wiping off eye gunk from around the eyes.  Doggie wipes are a must-have!

My Recommendation:

Earth Bath Dog Wipes

In Conclusion

I’ve provided you with all of my favorite grooming products for doodles that I actually use on a daily basis! I hope these work for you and make doodle parenting much easier!

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