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Why it’s a good thing to call yourself a Dog Mom

Dog Mom

One of the things that I have found interesting is how many people think that it’s a horrible idea to use the term dog mom.

Well, I think it’s a great idea.

Here’s why.

Being a Dog Mom takes work.

I haven’t seen a dog who wakes up to their alarm, gets ready for work, hops in their car to perform and get paid for their job.  Neither have I seen them have a checking and savings account to purchase toys, training, grooming, vet visits and cute collars and leashes.  And I have NEVER seen a dog pick up their poop to prevent contaminating groundwater. And no, eating poop definitely doesn’t count!

You have to find a babysitter if you’re going to be gone for longer periods of time. Between baths, haircuts, and dropping your four-legged friend off to daycare, bills can add up! Let’s not even get started on the vet bill charges.

Some women may not be able to have children and their dog takes place of a child.

It can be hard for a woman to accept that she is infertile, has a debilitating disease, or not enough money to financially support a child.  It’s even a possibility that she hasn’t found anyone she would like to have children with. These are all very real everyday experiences. And….it’s challenging. Therefore, to fill that void momentarily or for their lifetime, their dog is their four-legged child. Don’t judge, especially if you don’t know the full story.  Dog mom can be a proud title to have. It’s as close to being a dog mom as some women can get. Since a dog is dependent on us for their well being, their dependency mimics that of a child, which in turn makes them seem as if they are children Not Sure about you, but being a dog mom feels very similar to having children.

Dogs depend on us for their health and safety

In order for our dogs to live in a domesticated society, they will ALWAYS be dependent on us for food, shelter, health, and safety.  Children are dependent on us for their well being and safety, we teach them everything they need to know to make it in the world as functioning adults.  The correlation is definitely there. Because of that similarity, it’s easy to understand why you can easily feel responsible.

Love exchanged between a human and an animal, can be just as strong as the Love between two bonded humans.

The beautiful bond between human and pet can be so strong that it’s been scientifically proven that petting a dog can lower your heart rate (to healthy levels). You can see love in the eyes of a dog, especially my beautiful girl Diamond.  She’s my beautiful pseudo-daughter, we’ve been bonded for 11 years now, and plan for many more!

In a Nutshell….

The term dog mom should be seen as an honor and a privilege. It takes hard work, dedication, commitment, and most of all LOVE. There is nothing better than a bond between human and pet. That’s why it’s a good thing to call yourself a dog mom.