My Favorite Doodle Grooming Products

As a professional groomer, I believe in getting your Goldendoodle professionally groomed.  However, itโ€™s still important to have products at home to keep up with their hygiene.  Itโ€™s incredibly easy for Goldendoodles to get messy, dirty, matted, and smelly.  Thatโ€™s why Iโ€™ve decided to make a list of all of […]

Tinatalksdogs grooming a dog
Grooming Advice

Dog Hygiene Schedule

As a pet parent, dog groomer, and overall dog lover– I’ve learned that keeping up with a dog’s hygiene is crucial to a dog’s overall health. It helps with keeping the nails short, skin clean and healthy, vet and grooming costs down, and so much more! However, with grooming I’ve […]

Dog Halloween Costume DIY
Pet Parenting

Dog Halloween Costumes DIY

It’s Halloween time again! I’ve got some really cute dog Halloween Costumes that are completely DIY. They’re super easy to put together with just items from your closet. And……….. The difference between this year and most others is more and more people are taking their dogs trick or treating, to […]


Halloween Dog Bandana

As a groomer AND a dog mom, one thing I know for sure–pet parents love for their dogs to wear bandanas!  Not just any old bandana.   It has to be a bandana that compliments your dogโ€™s cutness and personality.ย  And hey! Itโ€™s Halloween season, so it has to be Halloween […]

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